Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ahh... It must be Christmas in Staten Island.

For our non-New Yorkers, Staten Island is where New York City, since the 1930's accumlated the city's garbage. Everyonce in a while the residents are up in arms over the stench, which amuses me because if you're going to build a home I would think keeping it away from a dump would be one of it's key features.

Nevertheless, Staten Island is home to our more colorfull residents, think Mafia wannabee's and blue collar mechanics.

So when I read this, I wasn't suprised.

Preschool brawl gives Christmas spirit the heave-ho
A dispute over seats at an elementary school play erupts in a brawl that results in two arrests. Great Kills residents Venus Guerrieri, 59, and her 29-year-old son, Charles H. Balducci, are arrested on the grounds of St. Clare’s Preschool on Nelson Avenue in Great Kills after the disagreement escalates into violence that leaves one mom, the wife of a retired police officer, injured.
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