Friday, December 03, 2004

Baseball and Steroids.

Before I begin I just have to say that I can give 2 shits about the Yankees, Jason Giambi and any other steroid freak who would risk permanent damage to their bodies or possible death, just ask Lyle Alzado, no wait you can’t, about the ravages of steroid abuse.

So I open up the New York Post today and there is not one but 2 opinion pieces regarding how Jason Giambi testified to a San Francisco grand jury about his now no longer alleged steroid abuse.

Both pieces call for his head, for him to be fired, fined, dismissed, blackballed, or what ever the fuck they have in mind. The words “Integrity for the game” were uttered both times, along with the words, “pride” and “pinstripes”

What a fucking joke, baseball lost its integrity with inter-league play, wild card teams and 9 pm starts for the World Series, these scribes forget one important point when they mention Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds. Steroid use is NOT IILLEGAL in Major League Baseball, yes that’s correct, sure contracts are cleverly worded like this

players may not conduct themselves in a detrimental manner or engage in illegal activities.
It’s a standard clause, mostly for cases of substance abuse or gambling but not steroids, in fact the truth is the owners do not want steroids banned fully, it’s like the Army, don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t get caught. Baseball owners know that people do not show up to the park to watch 1-0 pitching duels, there is soccer for that.

Owners want longer, farther, bigger, flashier homeruns, and that’s the bottom line. When Barry Bonds comes to your park the right field seats sell quicker than the seats behind home plate, to be hypocritical and spout this higher than though bull shit about how the players taking performance enhancing substances should not be allowed to play the game is just… well… bullshit, full heaping loads of it.

Most people with half a brain know the side effects of abusing steroids, including shrunken pee pee’s and man tits, but they need that “edge” . Fucking Babe Ruth hit 70 home runs on beer and hotdogs but Bonds needs his juice to hit home runs in hitter friendly parks.

Baseball, like most things, is entertainment to me, with the exception of degenerate gamblers most people just root… root… root… for the home team and go on with life.
If you’re a player and want to hit the juice, god-speed but just remember Lyle Alzado.


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