Saturday, December 11, 2004

File this under.. DUH !!

Vegas crowd doesn't find George Carlin funny.

The guy lives off his "7 dirty words" bit, he hasn't said anything slightly amusing since 1978, but people still flock to his shows then leave dumbfounded. "In Vegas, you don't get the hardcore fans who follow what you do. It's like betting on a craps table. Am I gonna get a good audience or am I gonna get these dopes who wander in with a coupon, wearing short pants and scratching their nuts?"

Carlin blew his stack at the MGM Grand, which he says fired him because his act, which includes a 35-minute riff on suicide, had gotten "too dark."

All I know is that when I go to see a comedian, I want to feel depressed.

Read more from the NY Post.


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