Friday, December 17, 2004

Poll shows U.S. views on Muslim-Americans

Nearly half of those surveyed say some rights should be restricted.

A recent survey by Cornell University found that found 44 percent of Americans favor at least some restrictions on the civil liberties of Muslim Americans.
Ok, here is my list of people that should have their civil liberties restricted.
- Crazy hippy Hawk watchers
- Anyone who uses the words, "Bushilter" or "nazi" in everyday conversation.
- Anyone who is still bitching about the Kerry loss.
- Anyone who believes what is written in the New York Times is true.
- Fans of Dan Rather.
- The entire city of San Francisco.
- College kids who carry "End Capitalism now" signs while wearing their Gap shirts, Old Navy Pants and brand new Nike's. while downloading songs on their Ipod's.
- Anyone who's whole life is dedicated to watching the Scott Peterson trial.
- Anyone whose whole blog is a mess of get rid of Rumsfield stories cut and pasted from Salon.
- The entire staff of
- The jerk off Met management that green lighted the Pedro Martinez trade.
- And finally, people that know me that say, “Season’s greetings” It’s fucking MERRY CHRISTMAS, asses, you know the birth of freaking Christ, the reason for the fucking holiday in the first place.


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