Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Save the white people.... fuck the brown ones.


I hate the MSM with a passion, the same passion and distain I hold for some hippy freak who spouts shit about how his liberties are being violated because he is not free to be a dick.

The last few days we have been inundated with visual images of the catastrophe that overtook the Asian Islands and with all this, with the close to eighty thousand dead what do the headlines read?

12 Americans perish

Goddamn are we that selfish as a society that, that’s the best headline the media can come up with, and if I hear again about how some third rate underwear model survived the tsunami I will personally go to her house and drown the bitch myself.

And if I see another video of another fat ass tourist wheeling around his luggage with that, “Aw, shucks our vacation is ruined, ah… lets head back to L.A. and get some sushi” look, I will personally fly to LA and drown that fucker too after that C list underwear model, or maybe before depending on my itinerary and if the airlines don’t lose my luggage or cancel my flight because of some Microsoft windows meltdown or half the airline calling in sick.

No more “Miracle Baby” headlines, when the baby pictured is some Arian looking fucker, no more local news stories about how couple so and so from Long Island WERE supposed to be in Thailand but they missed their plane and how God saved them. NO God didn’t save you, your lazy ass kept hitting the snooze button, fuck god thank Toshiba.

I don’t want to read about all these dinky organizations that are trying to use this tragedy to generate revenue, when if you read the fine print you get some shit about how .0005 cents from every 100 dollars actually is going to Thailand, the rest is to cover the celebrity spokesperson and the company’s CEO’s salary. You want to donate money, give to the RED CROSS period.

What the fuck is next, commemorative snow globes? Look honey, shake it up, wee !! look at that tiny village get washed away, but you know this snow globe is filled with the actual water from the actual ocean that slammed into Thailand.

I don’t want to see that little 10:15 news teaser, “Can a tsunami hit New York” more at 11pm. The answer is NO a big fat fucking hairy NO, unless someone drops at least 10 thousand atomic bombs into the Atlantic in the same spot, or if a meteor hit, I can guarantee you, you’re going to be safe.

– a little computer humor, now go live your lives don’t worry about the killer tsunami play with your kids, get drunk, piss of your neighbor, and have a happy New Year.


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