Thursday, December 02, 2004

Target May Face Backlash on Salvation Army

MINNEAPOLIS -- A backlash could be brewing against Target Corp. after it decided to ban Salvation Army bell-ringers and their red kettles from its store entrances this holiday season.

The company announced the decision months ago, but the criticism didn't start to mount until Salvation Army officials recently noted the problems it could cause to their fund raising plans, and shoppers noticed the bell ringers' absence.
I do 100 percent of my shopping online, last night I finished my gift purchasing needs at 2 am in my underwear, so this Target thing doesn't really affect me, but I am torn.

Target clearly has a "No solicitation" rule and although The Salvation Army is a noble cause, rules are rules are rules.

There aren't bell ringers infront of Home Depot or Circuit City, but I don't see stupid emails from people with AOL accounts wanting me to read this and what... feel sorry, start a grass roots boycot.
Target donates more than $100 million a year to charity and already contributes to the Salvation Army through the United Way.

In addition, Target is a member of the Salvation Army's Web shopping site, http:, which generates donations to the Salvation Army based on purchases from participating retailers.

100 million bucks, that is not peanuts... but I will leave the scam that is the United Way for another day.


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