Thursday, January 13, 2005

Fuck Em'

The Indonesian government yesterday showed its appreciation to U.S. soldiers who have been risking their lives helping tsunami victims by ordering them to get out of the country by the end of March.

"Three months are enough," Vice President Jusuf Kalla told the official Antara news agency. "In fact, the sooner [they leave] the better."
This is why I don't give money to any of these so called charities, I think I am just as caring and giving as the next person, but there are more pressing domestic issues that need to be dealt with.

Yeah, the Tsunami was horrible, Yeah the lost of life was insurmountable, Yeah the video was pretty damn cool to look at but to open my wallet to help, Hahh fuck that.

Do you know why there was no lost of livestock? Because cows and horses don't sit on the beach with a camcorder going, "Hey, thats a big fucking wave."

Why is it that when the shit hits the fan all of these fucked up ass backwards third world piece of shit countries turn to us first for a hand out?

I'm waiting for "Tsunami Aid" at Giants Stadium with Bruce Springsteen, Tracy Chapman (Bet you're wondering where the hell she and her fast car have been) and some sort of half assed british rock band. And you know what, I won't be going to that either.

So to the ungratefull Indonesian goverment, next time when the big wave comes, duck, you bunch of useless pricks.

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