Thursday, March 10, 2005

I have been away.. but return with 2 florida morons.

Moron number 1

Nathan Alan Winkler (no relation to Fonzie)

This rocket scientist chased Michelle Fernandez around Tampa for 4 miles and tried to run her off the road while holding up an anti-Bush sign, police said.
He was freed on $2,000 bail early Wednesday on a charge of aggravated stalking, which carries up to five years in prison.

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Moron number 2

Barry M. Seltzer (no relation to the water)

SARASOTA, Fla. — A motorist who told police he was exercising his "political expression" was jailed Wednesday on an aggravated assault charge alleging he tried to run down U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris and a group of re-election campaign supporters.
Witnesses told police a silver Cadillac sped through an intersection and hurtled onto a sidewalk, heading straight toward Harris before swerving at the last minute and driving off.

Guess how they found our second moron.

Witnesses gave the car's license plate number to police, and they tracked it to Barry M. Seltzer, 46, of Sarasota, a registered Democrat.

In the words of Michael Corleone, "I gotta come home to THIS !"


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